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If you’re in the mood to watch a hot movie filled with sex scenes that just might make you feel some type of way, we have the list for you. Whether you’re looking for a horny Netflix original or a classic throwback, we’ve curated a list of the hottest movies available on Netflix right now. From sultry foreign films and erotic historical period dramas to tantalizing LGBTQ+ romances, you’ll never run out of sexy movies to enjoy.

Based on the content in these sexy Netflix movies, no worries if you find yourself wanting some, ahem, sexcessories, to accompany your next watch session. Feel free to add a sex toy or bottle of lube to the mix – and maybe it’s even worth putting on some naughty lingerie for the occasion, too.

But if you’re not in the mood to sit down and watch a full movie, you have options. For one, you can check out our list of sexy Netflix shows for a quicker watch – and hey, if you want something even sexier and more porn-like, you’ll enjoy our roundup of the best NC-17 movies out there, too. But you can also just listen to audio porn sites or read some online erotica instead.

If the hot movies on Netflix still has your interest, though – here are the best, sexiest movies to watch on Netflix this month. You won’t regret it.