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Among the many sex toys in the world, there’s one type that truly ranks higher than the rest: bluetooth and remote-control sex toys. Whether you’re looking for something to use with a partner, one that will help you explore your kinky side, or one that can be used completely handsfree, bluetooth and remote-control sex toys exponentially ticks all three boxes.

As the name suggests, a remote-controlled sex toy is controlled by, you guessed it, a remote. And similarly to remote-controlled sex toys, bluetooth vibrators connect via an app that you can download and use to control the toy’s sensations directly from your phone. Not all remote-control and bluetooth sex toys are created equally though, and there’s a wide variety depending on what type of sex toy you’re looking for.

For example, you can opt for a remote-controlled vibrator, a bluetooth vibrator, a remote-controlled dildo, and even a remote-controlled sex toy made specifically for prostate play. There’s also the famous panty vibrator, which is essentially underwear that vibrates and can be operated by you or your partner via a remote or app.

Just note that you should be careful about where you use your remote-controlled sex toy if outside the bedroom; strangers in public can’t consent to being a part of your sexual fantasies, so be mindful about where you’re using them and who it will impact.

If you’re ready to add a new sex toy to your bedroom drawer, below are some remote-controlled sex toys and bluetooth sex toys you’ll love to play with, regardless of whether you’re by yourself or with a partner.