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A classic nail polish color like red will never go out of style, but it’s certainly experiencing heightened interest right now. It’s been predicted as the hottest color of the season in both beauty and fashion, making it the new go-to shade for all sorts of accessories. The red-nail theory has also been going around on TikTok, claiming the color helps attract dating prospects, sparking much debate. It certainly helps that Taylor Swift has been decked out in the hue every Sunday to cheer on her new boyfriend, Travis Kelce of the Kansas City Chiefs football team. So yeah, if you’ve suddenly found yourself yearning to wear red nail polish, you’re not alone.

It’s a color that looks good year-round with minor adjustments for the different seasons. It also looks just as classy on your toes as it does on your fingertips. Most people have at least one bottle of crimson lacquer in their beauty stash, but if you ask us, there are so many amazing red nail polish colors out there that it doesn’t hurt to have a few. The color comes in a variety of shades: you have your classic candy-apple red, deep burgundy, bright blue red, and, if you’re really feeling fancy, red glitter polish, which has skyrocketed 475 percent since Swift started wearing it as part of her scarlet monochromatic ensemble.

To replenish your at-home manicure kit or treat yourself to a splurge-worthy polish to bring with you to the salon every week, keep reading. We rounded up the best red nail polish options on the market.