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The “Barbie” movie has generated so much buzz since it premiered, sparking conversations about everything from the health risks of Barbie’s feet to the dangers of dating Ken in real life. For many people, the film has also evoked tons of nostalgia, as fans remember getting their very first Barbie and revisit their own “Weird Barbies.”

The truth is, Barbie has touched many generations, both young and old. But for us millennials and Gen Zers, our childhood days were filled with Barbie. In fact, Barbie’s most popular doll ever was Totally Hair Barbie in 1992 (remember styling her hair with the gel?). Most play dates involved at least one Barbie doll, and if you were lucky enough, maybe you had one of her sisters in your collection. I miss the excitement of going to Toys “R” Us and darting to the Barbie section, then spending hours changing her outfit and making up elaborate scenarios.

So if you’re like me and have been craving a stroll down memory lane ever since you got wind of the “Barbie” movie, check out this compilation of the most popular Barbie dolls from the 1990s. From the Bead Blast Barbies to the Disney Fun Barbies, this round-up is bound to bring back some good memories.

– Additional reporting by Alexis Jones