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If you also spent your teenage years scrolling through porn GIFs on Tumblr, then you already know just how orgasmic sexy GIFs can be. Whether you’re actually looking for a fun alternative to mainstream porn sites or just casually browsing, finding and watching hot, steamy, and sensual GIFs is an easy way to get in the mood.

The hottest GIFs on the Internet are typically pulled from 18+ Netflix series and sexy movies, but trust us when we say, seeing only one to two seconds of tension between two characters in GIF form is really all you need. Plus, unlike typical porn that comes with bad dialogue and even worse acting, sexy-time GIFs are a way to access visually stimulating material without sacrificing quality.

The best part about watching steamy GIFs, though, is the educational side. They are a great way to learn what you like and potentially get new ideas to bring into the bedroom, like new sex positions or triangle flirting techniques.

The only issue? You may have trouble finding the best sensual GIFs all in one place, so that’s where we come in. From steamy sex scenes in black and white to iconic kisses from your favorite romance movies, we’ve gathered 40 of the hottest GIFs for your viewing pleasure. Now all you need to do is save your favorites for some future fun – you’re welcome.

– Additional reporting by Tara Block