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If there is one underrated product in your beauty collection, it’s likely nail-polish remover. Not only does acetone act like a sanitizing fairy godmother against bacteria on surfaces, but it always comes through at the time you need it most – nail day.

Whether you’re a gel-X-lover or still stick to simple lacquers, nail polish remover can help you take off your nails, clean up polish on your cuticles, and even help with the creation of some designs. When used in a timely matter (every one to two weeks, typically) they can even help to prevent the yellowing of the nail from over-wearing dark nail polish – a lifesaver in the fall and winter months.

So, yeah, maybe they aren’t quite as sexy as the nail polish color itself, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t necessary. If you’re looking to make the take-off process just a little more enjoyable, the good thing is you have options. From easy-to-use acetone wipes that get the job done fast to non-acetone options if you need something more gentle, the best nail polish removers ahead are the top picks on the market. After all: who says a clean slate has to be boring?

Additional reporting by Ariel Baker