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Sometimes, when products skyrocket in popularity on social media, I steer clear of them. I try to resist the urge to buy into trends just because everyone else is doing so (with a few exceptions, like Kim Kardashian’s Skims and JW Pei handbags). This was precisely the scenario with the Amazon fashion favorite Tanming Sweater Set ($40), which inundated my TikTok feed consistently in 2022. Given my work-from-home lifestyle and penchant for comfy loungewear that can transition into “real” clothing, it would have been completely rational for me to try it out last year. However, I held my ground and resisted until just recently. Now that the frenzy has subsided a bit, I felt validated in placing it in my shopping cart. The thing is that I’ve come to the realization that I should have embraced it much earlier. Ahead, I dive into what I love about it and why you might need it, too.

What I Love About the Tanming Sweater Set

What I love about this sweater set is that it looks a hell of a lot more polished than my go-to combination of a mismatched sweatshirt and sweatpants or activewear leggings and an oversized crewneck while feeling just as comfortable on. Its versatility ensures I can confidently wear it during work meetings without the nagging sense that I should have thrown on something nicer. The price is hard to beat, too. It’s one of my pet peeves when the top and bottom of a two-piece set have to be bought separately. The fact that both pieces cost under $50 is a win, to say the least.

If given the chance for a do-over with this sweater set, I’d choose the black version (it comes in eight colors). Given my tendency for spills and stains, coupled with my limited supply of beige-colored underwear (more on that shortly), choosing the black option would have been a more practical investment. However, I have no regrets about my initial purchase. The fabric strikes a perfect balance, being soft yet not overly so to tempt me into a day of couch lounging instead of productivity. Plus, it’s a compliment magnet in every sense, and offers a mindlessly chic choice for my morning routine.

What’s Worth Noting About the Tanming Sweater Set

One of the most important things worth noting about this sweater set is that the fabric (70 percent viscose and 30 percent nylon) isn’t super thick. In all honesty, the material is heftier than I imagined, so much so that it is not see-through in the least when I wear skin-toned undergarments. However, in my experience, I found it to be see-through when I wore it with a dark-colored bra and underwear.

Another factor to take into account is that the brand recommends handwashing exclusively. In the reviews, several buyers who tossed it in the wash observed the waistband becoming twisted, as stated by a reviewer who “tried for over an hour” with no success in untwisting it. This is likely the reason why the brand cautions against machine-washing it, although a few shoppers have reported success despite the risk.

Lastly, the pant length may be a point of contention. As someone who ordered a size medium (I’m five feet nine inches, for context), I found the pants to be a bit short. Conversely, some shorter reviewers found them too long. A five-star reviewer described them as “adorable” but “a tad long,” suggesting they folded the waist for a better fit. (The brand notes that the pants are 39.37 inches, with an inseam of 26.77″, in case those precise measurements may help in your decision.

Who Is the Tanming Sweater Set Best For?

This sweater set is best for those looking for affordable coordinating loungewear staples that look put-together and feel as comfortable as sweats. Whether you’re relaxing at home or gearing up for a long flight, it strikes the perfect balance of comfort and style.

Additional Details About the Tanming Sweater Set

  • The Tanming Sweater Set comes in sizes XS-XL.
  • To keep it in good shape, the brand recommends machine-washing it in cold water on a gentle cycle.
  • It’s available via Amazon Prime for one-day shipping.