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Carving jack-o’-lanterns is a classic Halloween tradition, but sometimes whittling away to perfect your pumpkin’s wicked, toothy smile is a tad exhausting. If you want a more elevated way to decorate your home this fall, we have just the idea: succulent pumpkins. Nicknamed “pumpculents” by DIYers online, these dreamy seasonal centerpieces take over TikTok, Pinterest, and Instagram year after year, tempting us to get in on the trend and make one ourselves.

Creating a picturesque succulent pumpkin isn’t as hard as it may look. You can choose between two different methods, depending on the supplies you have available and how much mess you’re willing to make. To avoid carving, clean the surface of your pumpkin, apply hot glue or spray adhesive to the top portion around the stem, and stick on some clumps of moss. Then use hot glue to attach succulent clippings of your choosing to the moss, and spray the plants with water periodically to avoid wilting. To transform your pumpkin into a living planter, cut a hole in the top of your gourd, scoop out the seeds, fill it with some potting soil, and plant as many succulent clippings as you’d like. It’s worth noting that this method is prone to rotting more quickly.

There are tons of ways to take your pumpculent to the next level, if you so please. Paint your pumpkin a different color like white or gold to fit in with the rest of your home decor aesthetic before adding the succulents, or paint on a fun pattern like stripes. You can also incorporate other seasonal additions like acorns, mini pinecones, dried leaves, or small flowers to complement the succulents. And if you’re not the crafty type, there are plenty of premade succulent pumpkins – either faux or real – available for purchase on websites like Etsy.

Read ahead to check out some of the most charming pumpculents we’ve come across online to get your creative juices flowing – and if you’re looking for more pumpkin decorating DIY projects for fall, pressed-flower pumpkins may be right up your alley.