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Ashley Joi brings the heat in this cardio-focused EMOM workout. “EMOM” stands for “every minute on the minute,” and here’s how it works: Every 60 seconds, Joi will introduce a new movement with a set number of reps for you to complete. If you finish all your reps before the minute is up, you get to rest until it’s time for the next move. Whether it takes you the full minute or you finish with a little time to breathe, this one is still guaranteed to give you a challenge! (And don’t worry, we have modifications to meet you at any level.) All you need for this workout is space to move.

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Ashley Joi’s outfit: Lululemon; shoes: APL. Tiffany Marie’s outfit: Aerie; shoes: APL. Nikita Chaudhry’s outfit: Vuori; shoes: APL.