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If you haven’t taken a deep dive into BookTok, what are you waiting for? Just like the name suggests, BookTok is the corner of TikTok where book lovers share thoughts and reviews about the books they love – and the books they don’t. It’s also a place where readers can connect with each other, build community, and even connect with their favorite authors. No matter what genres you enjoy reading, there are definitely some BookTok favorites that will help you find the next read to add to your never-ending TBR list!

Spend enough time on BookTok, and you’ll definitely notice some titles getting mentioned over and over again. These BookTok trends have ranged from building anticipation for brand-new releases to rediscovering older books and turning them into hits all over again. Several BookTok favorite reads have even gotten enough hype to attract the attention of Hollywood, and they’ll be coming soon to a TV screen or movie theater near you.

Whatever kind of book recommendation you’re looking for right now, we can pretty much guarantee that BookTok has some great ideas for you! Pick up one (or more) of these trending BookTok favorites – and remember, “A #BookTok recommendation” is one of the prompts on the 2023 POPSUGAR Reading Challenge!

Additional reporting by Melissa Santoyo and Madeleine Fournier