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There are some hair hacks that are good enough to make you question if you’ve been doing anything right, and we’re about to introduce you to the latest one: the V-part crochet. In a now-viral video from influencer Rahel Brhane, the content creator showed her followers how to blend a clip-on, V-part wig by crocheting single pieces of hair into the front section of her cornrows, then spraying the entire look with water.

“A U-part wig is a wig that has a U-shaped opening at the top, so you take your natural hair out and wear it,” hairstylist Kee Taylor tells POPSUGAR. “A V-shaped wig is the same thing but shaped like a V, but so there’s less space. This shape helps to conceal your natural hair a bit more so you have less out to style.”

“Crochet extensions” are exactly what they sound like: a crochet needle is used to loop hair extensions through pre-sectioned cornrows to make a style look more natural and seamless. This trend is one that has been around before, but with both wigs and crochet braids being independently popular protective styles, it’s been a while since the combination has made its way back into the spotlight.

Getting the look is pretty simple: you’ll need to cornrow your hair, get a V-part wig of your choosing, and choose extensions that match the texture of your wig. “The looser the texture, the smaller the cornrow should be in order to anchor the hair to it,” Taylor says. Additionally, regardless of whatever cornrows you use, Taylor says to “make sure your part placement is a little closer together, because you want the crochet to look natural when you do it. If your braids are closer, the illusion of your part is more natural-looking.”

The best part of this style is its versatility, so rather than getting your wig sewn on, opt for one that clips into your hair securely, so you can put it on or take it off as you please. Once you clip in your wig, use your crochet needle to insert the extensions into the exposed cornrows, and make sure there are no gaps in between. When you’ve added all of the hair in, tease the roots of those extensions to make the look blend more seamlessly, and you’ll be all set.

This hack is an absolute game changer for anyone looking for a low-manipulation hairstyle to get them through the colder months. If that sounds like you, read ahead for some tutorials on how you can do this look at home, for every wig style.