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If you only add one new holiday decoration to your home this winter, let it be Pottery Barn‘s adorable gingerbread pillows. Like the cozy ghost pillows that kept us company through movie marathons leading up to Halloween, the gingerbread pillows are basically your excuse to turn your living room into a holiday extravaganza.

At over a foot tall, Pottery Barn’s Mr. Spice and Ms. Spice pillows command attention. From their colorful gumdrop buttons to their sweet icing detailing, the holiday decorations add a subtle pop of color to the room and invite anyone who sits on the couch to settle in for a nap.

The only catch? At $70 each, the lovable gingerbread people are on the higher end of the holiday-pillow budget, but they’re the perfect addition to your wish list. Plus, the retailer is also selling a $30 Georgie Gingerbread Pillow for kids. Though it’s not the traditional shape of a gingerbread man, the charming pillow person is made from 100 percent wool in a Fair Trade Certified facility and is cute as can be.

The pillows also double as plushies, which means you can buy one to display on the sofa and another to gift to your little one or a friend’s child this Christmas. Personally, I’d like a baker’s dozen of each, so if you know me IRL, don’t be surprised to see these on my wish list.

Ahead, shop the gingerbread pillows, and see more Christmas-gift inspiration here.