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When someone tells you to “hush,” it’s often considered a bad thing because they want you to be quiet. (On that note, they can mind their business.) That said, when it comes to the latest haircut trend, the word is used intentionally – and it’s a perfect way to update your current hairstyle without doing anything too drastic. Introducing the low-maintenance, easy-to-achieve look that’s about to be everywhere this fall: the “hush” cut.

The hashtag #hushcut has 88 million views and counting on TikTok, so we think it’s safe to say it is popular AF right now, and for good reason. The trending style first originated in Korea, and now it’s taking the world by storm. We’ve spent hours scrolling the app checking out results after people have taken the plunge, and we can confirm that we haven’t seen a single cut that was anything less than stunning. Plus, the style is great for almost any hair type, it’s versatile, and it allows you to keep your length if you so choose – all while still giving you a totally different look. Ahead, celebrity hairstylist Beau Dieda breaks down everything to know about the hush cut, including what it is, how to ask for it at the salon, and how to style it at home.

What Is the Hush Cut?

The hush cut typically features face-framing layers paired with either curtain bangs, or wispy bangs. “Unlike other styles with blunt cuts, a hush cut is much softer at the ends, which gives hair its movement,” Dieda tells POPSUGAR. The layers are usually either medium or long, subtle, and should enhance your natural texture.

Whether or not the style will work for you depends on your hair type and length. “Clients with medium to long hair in terms of length, and straight to wavy hair in terms of texture, will look best with the hush cut,” Dieda says. “Clients with curly hair may not see the movement and layers compared to clients with straight hair, and anyone with fine hair may also find that the layers fall a bit flat compared to those with thicker hair.”

If you already find yourself itching to pick up the phone and book an appointment with your stylist, make sure you arrive with inspiration photos in hand. “It’s always best to bring in photos of the look you are hoping to achieve so that your stylist can look at the goal and then discuss with you how the cut will look with your specific hair type and length,” Dieda says. “Then specifically ask for a hush cut and designate the ideal length you’d want, as well as whether you’d prefer longer or shorter bangs.”

Once you’ve gotten the cut, the good news is that the upkeep is fairly low maintenance. “Clients with hush cuts should come in for a trim every 8 to 10 weeks to rid hair of split ends and keep the movement and shape of the cut,” Dieda says.

How to Style the Hush Cut at Home

“The great thing about the hush cut is that it doesn’t require too much effort [to style],” Dieda says. “You want hair to look effortless, so all you need is a volumizing product, usually in a spray, to give hair bounce and body.”

Dieda suggests starting out by washing and drying your hair as normal. “If your hair is naturally straight or wavy, you can likely let hair air dry,” he says. On the other hand, if you prefer using heat to dry your hair, Dieda suggests starting out with a volumizing spray like the Leaf + Flower CBD Instant Volumizer Spray ($38) and spritzing it all over wet hair, then going in with blowdryer and a round brush. This style looks great blown out with the ends flipped inward, and it also looks stunning with a simple bend from a 1.25″ curling iron. To finish things off, use a hairspray or texturizer with a light hold like the Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray ($24).

Hush Cut Inspiration

Remember those inspiration photos we talked about bringing with you to the salon? Keep scrolling to check out some of the options we’ve handpicked.