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No matter what you think about the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy, you can’t deny the impeccable chemistry between Anastasia Steele (played by Dakota Johnson) and Christian Grey (played by Jamie Dornan). Whether it’s the sexy elevator scene, the horny red-room thrills, or the BDSM impact play, there’s something about the Fifty Shades of Grey sex scenes that make viewers extremely thirsty for more.

Since it’s been a few years since the last movie came out, though, you may need a refresher on all the tantalizing moments that had us reaching for our bedside-table sex toy. For your pleasure – and let’s be honest, your orgasms, too – we’ve rounded up the best, naughtiest Fifty Shades of Grey GIFs. Please enjoy every kissing, spanking, and steamy sex scene right here in one place.

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– Additional reporting by Macy Cate Williams and Haley Lyndes