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Yang Mi, Loewe’s newest global brand ambassador, sent the brand trending on Chinese social media as she attended the spring 2024 women’s fashion show at Chateau de Vincennes on Friday morning.

Considered the unrivaled influencer in dictating what’s hot in China with more than 112 million followers on Weibo, for her Loewe debut, Yang accessorized the sleek knit halterneck dress with a pair of glittery heels, an olive green quilted Goya Puffer handbag and a pair of color-matching sunglasses repurposed as a hair band, all by Loewe.

Since her official announcement a day ago, the news of her appointment has generated more than 250 million impressions and 2.66 million engagements on Weibo.

A graduate of the Beijing Film Academy, Yang is no stranger to fashion brands, and has been a face of Michael Kors, Versace and Victoria’s Secret in recent years.

Upon her arrival, she was warmly greeted by Loewe brand chief executive officer Pascale Lepoivre, and later by Michael Burke, strategic adviser to Bernard Arnault, chairman of LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton. Post-show, Yang was also greeted by Sidney Toledano, chairman and CEO of the LVMH Fashion Group, where Loewe sits.

As a thank you for the ambassadorship, Yang offered a pair of Chinese tea cups from Jingdezhen, hand-painted with a phoenix and a dragon each to Lepoivre, as well as Loewe’s creative director Jonathan Anderson. This thoughtful gesture became a trending topic on Weibo shortly after.

After learning from Yang that the mythical Chinese creatures symbolize longevity, Anderson quipped: “OK good, we need it. Lots of success is always helpful,” while Lepoivre said she is very honored with the gift.

Anderson later also told Yang that he wants to see her more, and do more things together.

In an exclusive interview with WWD, Yang said she is particularly fond of the leather outwear pieces in the spring 2024 collection, where Anderson concentrated on daywear that straddled the classic-eccentric divide. She is also a fan of the metallic elements used in the collection.

Asked what her plan is while she is in Paris, Yang said she is keen to explore what the local vintage stores have to offer. The star is known to mix rare vintage pieces with trendy items for her daily looks.

“I haven’t been to Paris for a long time. I would love to find some vintage Loewe pieces. They look super nice, and I would like to check out the new collection in the store as well,” she said, adding that she just wrapped the filming of the highly anticipated TV series “In the Name of the Brother” before she landed in Paris.

The 37-year-old has appeared in more than 65 films and television series, her fame propelled by roles in “Chinese Paladin 3” in 2009 and “Eternal Love” in 2017, for example.

Even though it was drizzling a bit before the show started, Yang said she really liked the weather here.

“It feels very comfortable,” she added.

In addition to Yang, Loewe boasts an eclectic clutch of brand ambassadors, including K-pop sensation Taeyong, a member and leader of the South Korean boy band NCT, Josh O’Connor, Taylor Russell, Leo Wu and Stephane Bak.