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Convincing us to invest in a new handbag doesn’t take much; the excuse of a new season is all we need. Right now, we have our eyes on so many styles for fall, namely a good crossbody. There are so many different types of crossbody bags on the market, from runway-inspired designs to classic bags and designer purses you’ll reach for over and over again. Many of our favorites seamlessly fuse functionality and style, making it extraordinarily difficult to choose just one. Ahead, celebrity fashion stylists Zadrian Smith and Sarah Edmiston of Zadrian + Sarah break down everything you need to know about the popular crossbody bag style, what to look for in a high-quality design, and more.

What Is a Crossbody Bag For?

Crossbody bags have a strap that’s worn diagonally across your body. “It’s the perfect everyday bag, as it feels very comfortable worn across the body, plus it’s practical, as you can have your hands free when wearing it,” Smith tells POPSUGAR.

What to Look For in a Crossbody Bag

“Crossbody bags are popular across the whole of the fashion market, whether it’s a luxury bag or high street,” Smith says. “For instance, one of the most popular crossbody bags recently has been the Uniqlo crossbody bag, which people have loved for its lightweight fabric and easy zip access. On the luxury end, Chloé and Gucci are both popular choices, with styles such as the Chloé Saddlebag and Gucci Marmont for their timeless designs.”

One of the styling duo’s favorite features to look for is an adjustable strap so you can customize the length of your bag to the size you need. Another is zippered pockets, which Smith says are helpful for easily accessing your essentials – and keeping them safe.

What Is the Best Material For a Crossbody Bag?

Crossbody bags come in various materials, ranging from nylon to leather, and Zadrian + Sarah favor the latter. “We always recommend leather for a crossbody bag, because it not only makes it versatile and perfect to be paired with multiple outfits, but it’s also hard-wearing, meaning it can withstand everyday wear without affecting its appearance – a win for longevity,” Smith says.

We rounded up the 13 best crossbody bags of 2023, from under-$50 styles to splurge-worthy designs and options from brands like H&M, Urban Outfitters, Amazon, Gucci, and Madewell. Whether you’re looking for a crossbody travel bag, a large crossbody bag that can fit everything, or a crossbody bag with thick straps that’s both lightweight and practical, we have a feeling you’ll fall in love with at least one of these cute crossbody bags. Peruse through all of our picks ahead.

– Additional reporting by Marisa Petrarca