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Move aside scrunchies; there’s another Y2K hair accessory taking the spotlight: bobby pins. The beauty of bobby pins is two-fold: they’re practical (helping to keep our hair in place) and playful (adding a cool twist to any style). If you’re looking to join in on the bobby pin bandwagon, we’ve got you covered with tons of hair inspiration below. Ahead, find 14 bobby pin hairstyles perfect for any occasion. Plus, celebrity hairstylist and founder of Day Rate Beauty Aviva Jansen Perea shares tips on how to use them on all lengths and textures.

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Flower Power Bobby Pins

@haileybieber / Instagram

On those days when you want a no-fuss hairdo, opt for loose low buns. Here, Hailey Bieber accessorized the look with stunning floral bobby pins.

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Bejeweled Crown of Pins

Getty Images / Amanda Edwards / WireImage

Amandla Stenberg turned bobby pins into a fashion statement with her bejeweled bobby pin crown. We love the idea of swapping out a headband for a collection of pins to keep hair off the face.

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Tallied Bobby Pins

Getty Images / Eduardo Parra

Perea tells us, “If you intend to showcase and style [bobby] pins, the key is to ensure that the pin is gently pried open to allow the hair to rest neatly beneath it, avoiding any messiness.” Following Perea’s tip is key to recreating a tally mark design like the one seen on Emma Stone.

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Pin Patch Parting

@lacyredway / Instagram

There are no rules when it comes to creating a bobby pin design—place them wherever you see fit. With this look, the black bobby pins create a striking abstract design behind the ear.

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Silver Sliver Bobby Pins

Getty Images / Larry Busacca

Ciara‘s silver finger waves were a head-turner on the Met Gala red carpet. And if her hair had to give a thank you speech that night, we don’t doubt they’d be praising those camouflaged silver bobby pins for their supporting role.

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Criss-Cross Bobby Pins

Getty Images / Jason LaVeris

According to Perea, when creating criss-cross designs with your bobby pins (a la Kate Mara), using pins with plastic-free tips is key to avoiding damage. “The most common offenses center around the plastic tip peeling up, which leads to hair snagging and breakage.” To prevent this, try opting for bobby pins free of plastic, like Perea’s brand, Day Rate Beauty, whose pins are coated with highly sustainable soft nylon to facilitate smooth insertion and removal from the hair.

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Pin Curls

Getty Images / Toni Anne Barson / WireImage

Pin curls aren’t complete without bobby pins. We love how Diane Kruger used thick, white bobby pins to accentuate her retro style.

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Stacked Bobby Pins

Getty Images / Anthony Harvey

Elsa Hosk clearly likes to layer her bobby pins, wearing them only in pairs. The stacked hairpins are the perfect finishing touch to the deep side-part look.

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Dazzling Doobie

Getty Images / Kevin Mazur

Leave it to Rihanna to make a doobie wrap look extra glamorous. The pearl-studded bobby pins are a dazzling touch.

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Color Coordinated Bobby Pins

Getty Images / Desiree Navarro / WireImage

“Coordinating [your bobby pin color] with your outfit can be super fun,” Perea says. Olivia Palermo’s white bobby pins offer high contrast and visibility against her darker hair color while also tying in nicely with her wardrobe.

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Excessive Minimalism

Getty Images / Dominique Charriau / WireImage

Even this minimalist accessory can take a maximalist approach. Take notes from Kristen Stewart and give your ‘do an edgy look by crisscrossing bobby pins along one side of your head.

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A Single Pin

Getty Images / John Shearer

A bobby pin may be a small hair detail, but it can make a major impact. Case in point: Kerry Washington. Placing a single bejeweled bobby pin behind the ear instantly elevates a bouncy blowout.

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Golden Goddess Pins

Getty Images / Neilson Barnard

Gigi Hadid’s hair is nothing short of glamorous. Placing the dainty gold bobby pins at the tip of each ear adds extra elegance to the voluminous look.

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Pearl Pins

@lacyredway / Instagram

This perfectly pressed bob is already a head-turning hairstyle. But the pearl bobby pin makes the short cut look extra chic.