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Published on 08/13/23 07:00AM

@sophiav_makeup / Instagram

When we think of fall makeup, our minds immediately jump to smoky eyes and vampy lips. But soft and subtle glam has a rightful place in autumn as well. “Soft glam”—which has over 693 million views on TikTok—essentially refers to a lighter, more blended approach to makeup. And during the fall, this look often calls for earth-tone eyeshadows, nude lipsticks, and softly blushed cheeks. Ahead, we’ve rounded up 14 examples of soft autumn makeup that will give you enough inspiration to last all season long.

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Smudged Liner

@sophiav_makeup / Instagram

Since soft glam is all about a blurred, blended look, smudged eyeliner is perfect. The diffused liner pairs perfectly with the muted burnt orange eyeshadow and lightly glossed lips.

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Golden Glow

@sophiav_makeup / Instagram

This ethereal look features glowy gold and brown tones. With this look, the key to achieving an all-over glow is to apply a light layer of bronzer to key areas (think: your cheekbones, temples, and hairline).

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Show-Stopping Softness

@udstevek / Instagram

Makeup artist Steve Kassajikian achieved this look on singer Tinashe using all Urban Decay products. The bronzy complexion, rosy cheeks, and light brown lips are the perfect fall combo.

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Washes of Color

@davidrazzano / instagram

A warm smoky eye is a more approachable take on the dark, intense look. Recreate this exact eye makeup moment using the Melt Cosmetics Rust Palette ($58). Finish things off with a light pink lipgloss.

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Rosy and Red

@cherishbrookehill / Instagram

You can still incorporate a statement lip into a soft makeup routine. Just keep the rest of the look simple and effortless—that means lightly-filled brows, softly blushed cheeks, and a light application of foundation.

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Sun-Kissed Glow

@vivis_makeup / instagram

This “no-makeup makeup” look embodies soft glam to a tee. The natural, peachy blush and light pink lip complement each other perfectly.

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Subtle Wing and Contour

@cherishbrookehill / Instagram

With soft autumn makeup, opt for a subtle wing and subtle contouring. Another tip? Create a uniform finish by matching your lip color to your blush.

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Monochromatic Moment

@cherishbrookehill / Instagram

Think of this look as a more subdued take on Barbiecore makeup. Pale pink eyeshadow and gloss are perfect choices for the cooler months.

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Burgundy Essence

@cherishbrookehill / Instagram

A burgundy lip skews more on the full-glam side, but the slight washes of eyeshadow and blush keep this look grounded in a soft glam moment.

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Black and White Wings

@makeupvincent / Instagram

Who said soft glam had to be boring? While this look boasts a natural and fresh complexion, MUA Vincent Oquendo added a playful touch with the black and white winged eyeliner.

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Latte Glam

@danessa_myricks / Instagram

Latte makeup’s brown and neutral tones make it the perfect playground for a soft fall look. Opt for a milk chocolate eyeshadow on your eyes and nude lipstick. You can further lean into the moment by going for a laminated brow look.

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Earthy Liner

@makeupvincent / Instagram

Everything about this look exudes fall freshness, but we especially love the earthy green and yellow liner. Use Dior Beauty’s On Stage Liner ($34) in Matte Green and Pearly Bronze to recreate the look.

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Smoky Cinnamon

@shannell.sorrells / Instagram

This look incorporates so many soft makeup must-haves—a cinnamon-colored eyeshadow, neutral gloss, and a natural, fluttery lash.

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Soft Red Eyes

@davidrazzano / Instagram

Think of this look as soft glam with an ’80s twist. While red eyeshadow may seem a bit bold, it can easily be blended into a soft, chic hue.