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Of course you know that Beyoncé has Solange and Kendall Jenner has Kylie, and you may also be aware that Mark and Donnie Wahlberg are brothers and Ashton Kutcher has a fraternal twin. But did you know that there’s a third Franco brother? And a third Delevingne sister?

It probably won’t be a surprise that many of the celebrity siblings ahead are all in the entertainment industry, but you also may not know that many of them also happen to be nepo babies, like Kate and Rooney Mara. Meanwhile, some of these siblings have formed veritable dynasties, like Gigi, Bella, and Anwar Hadid, who are all ultra-successful models, or Mary-Kate, Ashley, and Elizabeth Olsen, who have all become icons over the years. On the other hand, you may not have ever heard of many of the siblings on this list, especially those who chose to live their lives outside of the spotlight.

Regardless, though there’s nothing like a sibling to take you down a notch no matter how much of a huge star you are. Ahead, check out the celebrity siblings you knew about, as well as a handful that may come as a total surprise.