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Christmas is coming a little early for Paris Fashion Week fans of Cher.

After attending last year, the legendary singer is now becoming a bit of a front row regular, much to the delight of the crowds in front of Givenchy.

The week is now a special occasion for the singer.

“I met my boyfriend here last year, so it’s our anniversary. And so I’m pretty excited,” she said, attending the Givenchy show alongside beau Alexander Edwards. She didn’t reveal any grandiose plans though. “I don’t know what we’re gonna do. Everything we do is special.”

Cher spoke with WWD at the Ann Demeulemeester show last year and laughed at the brief reminder. “When I fell down? Because I had on the models’ pants, and they’re so much taller so I caught my heel inside the thing, and I actually fell over three people!” she confided, albeit in a down-to-earth way.

In black blazer, chunky boots and, well, regular-sized cargo pants, she looked much more stable in her Givenchy outfit.

“This is what felt like me,” she said of how she selected the day’s look.

The singer is about to put out her first holiday songs. “I’m not a Cher fan, but this album is really good,” she joked. “It’s a Christmas album, but this is not your mother’s Christmas album.”

The buzz around Paris Fashion Week is that people will get a little taste of the new sound before the last runway is rolled up.

Jared Leto is taking a breather.

To come to Paris Fashion Week and face the fans and frenzy outside of the shows might be an unusual choice, but having just dropped his new 30 Seconds to Mars album a little over a week ago, returning the front row is a bit of a relief.

“For me, this is like the least stressful thing in the world,” he said. “Because it’s not pressure for me, I get to just be an observer and appreciate the hard work. As somebody who stands on stages around the world playing shows, it’s kind of interesting to see a 15-minute show, with the sound and lighting and presentation. It’s fascinating.”

He even eased into his outfit for the day. It looked a little complicated with a trouser, overskirt, high-necked draped top and full gloved arm to outside observers, but he countered. “No, this I just zip it up, so it’s very fast. Whatever is quick and easy is my favorite one. I like a little spontaneity.”

So what does cause stress for the Oscar winner? “Probably putting this new album out. Deadlines, deliverables — all that stuff. When there’s a timeline. Pressure is good but it’s not always easy.”

Next up he’s prepping for a world tour in support of the album, titled “It’s the End of the World but It’s a Beautiful Day.”

Sabrina Carpenter is fresh of her performance at Lollapalooza, which she deemed “amazing.”

She sported a sleek Givenchy dress and a very teeny-tiny bag. “You can’t fit anything in here,” she joked.

She’s attended Paris Fashion Week before.

“Paris is like my favorite city in the world. And obviously when it comes to Matthew he’s always so adventurous. Coming to shows here has always been very special to me,” she said of Givenchy creative director Matthew Williams’ work.

Williams waxed a little romantic for the season, with florals, lace and beading.