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We cannot interfere – it’s a canon event. Concealer lips appear to be the latest nostalgic beauty trend making a comeback after Sofia Richie was shown using the makeup hack in a recent tutorial. Though her iteration is a far cry from the pasty pucker of the early aughts, we still have our concerns.

In a TikTok shared on Oct. 18, Richie walked her followers through one of her favorite pumpkin-spice-inspired lip combos. The tutorial started out simply enough, with Richie using two different shades of YSL’s Candy Glaze Lip Gloss Sticks to create added dimension.

Then came the concealer.

Just when we thought we’d escaped the Dream Matte Mousse flashbacks for good, Richie sent us right back in time, focusing a “tiny, tiny dot” of concealer in the very center of her lips for a more dramatic ombré effect. To her, it was “the cherry on top” of a fun fall makeup routine, but to us, her seemingly harmless hack may have just ripped Pandora’s makeup bag wide open. “SOFIA NOT THE CONCEALER,” one concerned commenter warned, while others solemnly confirmed we’ve reentered the Y2K beauty era, for better or for worse.

Given Richie’s reputation for all things quiet luxury, she’s quite possibly the best spokesperson concealer lips could’ve hoped for. With her support, the super-neutral look is chic and sophisticated, not confusing and drying the way some of us might remember.

Shockingly enough, Richie isn’t the first person to back the concealer lips rebrand, crediting TikTok for giving her the inspiration. Other creators to revisit the trend say they use it as a way to create a neutral lip or lip liner that doesn’t budge throughout the day. If you do decide to give the look a try, all we can say is to proceed with caution. We’ve seen this film before, and we didn’t like the ending.


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