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Entrupy is bringing its luxury authentication to social media, announcing its official partnership with TikTok as an official TikTok Shop authenticator in the U.S.

Designed to protect businesses, buyers and sellers from transactions with counterfeit and fraudulent items, Entrupy’s authentication process has an accuracy rate of more than 99 percent. The company’s data scientists, engineers and research experts are constantly updating product changes across luxury brands, providing real-time support to retail of both new and pre-owned products. Entrupy’s partners include brands, retailers, governments, online marketplaces and resellers of all sizes.

As previously reported by WWD, social media platforms have unfortunately provided a thriving landscape for fakes, even launching what is known as “dupe culture.” According to a report from Entrupy, the risk of buying inauthentic luxury goods continues to grow alongside the popularity of online shopping.

As Entrupy becomes integrated into its platform, TikTok has stated that it “is committed to protecting the safety and integrity of all users and by working with Entrupy, can continue to develop a trustworthy and seamless shopping experience for users while supporting businesses of all sizes and opportunities to grow on the platform.”

Entrupy has already started working with vintage sellers on TikTok including a seller with the username, Kimmiebags, who shared that as TikTok Shop has allowed her to see tremendous space to grow her business she is “extremely excited about this integration [with Entrupy and TikTok Shop] because now anyone shopping through my page will trust that their purchases are authentic.”

“We are thrilled to be working with TikTok Shop to provide so many more people with access to our patented technology,” said Vidyuth Srinivasan, founder and chief executive officer of Entrupy. “We want to make sure that when buying luxury items, it is a smooth experience and this integration allows us to continue our mission of protecting both businesses and consumers from purchasing counterfeit items.”


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