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We’ve all taken a page from Hailey Bieber’s beauty book at one point or another—she’s popularized more trends than we can count; including her infamous pearly glazed manicure, the glazed skin craze, and, most recently, the strawberry makeup look. Now, she just combined a few of her signature trends with her latest glazed strawberry manicure.

On August 12, Bieber posted a carousel of photos with the surprising caption, “[Hailey Bieber] is currently watching all of Sex and the City for the first time ever.” With pieces like a corsage halter top and a huge “B” pendant, she’s definitely giving Carrie Bradshaw—but the first image caught our attention the most. She wore a white spaghetti strap top with either a floral bra or bikini top underneath, a knitted red bucket hat, gold earrings, diamond bands, and the aforementioned diamond initial pendant. She wore a strawberry makeup look, which included a heavy dose of blush and freckles scattered along her cheeks and nose.


Her glazed strawberry nails—which sat in her preferred medium-length almost shape—were the perfect accent to her makeup look. All of her nails featured a light pink strawberry milk base, and to up the strawberry vibes, Bieber wore hand-painted strawberry nail decals on her ring and middle finger. Her nails are very similar to Kourtney Kardashian Barker’s cherry milk nails that went viral a few months ago, and with trends like “tomato girl” makeup popping up on TikTok, we wouldn’t be surprised if fruit-inspired manicures started to trend, too.

Nailing this look at home is not so simple, but it’s not that complicated, either. First, start off with a pale pink or nude base, and allow for that to dry completely. Next, with a nail art brush, draw red triangles with softened corners throughout the nail plate—you can do one on each nail, a few on select nails, or just one or two as an accent. Once that has dried, use a hunter green polish to draw leaves at the top of each strawberry. Finally, use a very fine nail art brush and a semi-sheer white nail polish to draw “seeds” onto each strawberry. If you’re not confident with a nail art brush, you can opt for fruit-shaped decals instead. No matter what you do, be sure to finish off the look with a shimmering glazed top coat.