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Home Depot’s latest animatronic seems chill. While the retailer’s Jack Frost display may be labeled as “Christmas decor,” but he’s definitely not for the faint of heart. The terrifying snow miser blurs the line between Christmas and Halloween, standing at a whopping six feet tall with a swiveling head and bulging LED eyes.

As if that weren’t enough, this Jack Frost comes with five themed catchphrases, moving his jaw to deliver sinister cackles into the winter night. “When you freeze over, I’ll be sure to carve you into a beautiful ice sculpture,” he says in one person’s TikTok. How very festive!

Understandably, this insidious version of Jack Frost elicited lots of mixed feelings online, with some shoppers questioning whether the towering decor should be marketed as Christmas decor at all. Others were quick to embrace Jack, excited to keep him up for multiple different holidays, and hyping up his spooky energy. “I’m totally digging this. Christmas is getting a lot cooler,” one TikToker reacted.

The Home Depot reviews revealed a similar polarization, with customers on one side of the spectrum suggesting Jack be rebranded as a Halloween item. Those on the opposing side were quick to defend Jack’s honor. “He’s awesome! A great addition to any Christmas display looking for that little bit of edge,” one person wrote.

While Jack joins a handful of hair-raising holiday creatures, he does still have some seriously tasteful touches. Take his glittery hair, for instance. And are those soap brows we see? His lavender contour and sparkly suit is also an unequivocal win . . . so long as you can endure the nightmares.

Read on to see what all the buzz is about, and shop the controversial Jack Frost for yourself.