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Much like swimsuit or bra shopping, searching for a new pair of jeans can quickly turn into an intimidating task. There are so many different factors to consider with regard to material, length, down to even the fit of a style on the waist. And for shorter women, that task can prove to be even more complicated with the added headache of the “standard” inseam.

Typically, inseams are around 30 inches for traditional pairs of jeans, which means that if you’re on the taller side you’ll want to consider something longer than that – and vice versa, if you’re on the shorter side, your best bet will be to look for something that falls well below that length (ideally in the range of 25 inches to 27 inches, dependent on your exact height).

We know that jean shopping can be a serious struggle, especially if you don’t know where to start. And since it’s no secret that the 70s-inspired and figure-flattering flare is a must have this fall, we decided to shop out the best flare jeans for petites – because petite women shouldn’t be left on the margins of this trend.

Read on to learn which brands offer the best petite flare jeans in chic proportions.

– Additional reporting by Kyley Warren