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Holiday decor has hit the shelves, and this gingerbread house incense burner looks good enough to eat. Sold by homeware brand Ajouter, the charming incense burners beautifully mimic the design of a professionally decorated gingerbread house, complete with delicate icing detailing and a glittery snow-glazed base. (No colorful M&Ms and sugar-coated gumdrops here.) Though Santa Claus likely wouldn’t fit inside, the gingerbread house’s delightful design creates the effect of smoke curling out of the miniature chimneys. “It’s not a want it’s a need,” one TikTok user wrote.

Equally enamored of the adorable incense burner, another TikTok user said, “OK I NEED THIS BADLY.” One particularly enthusiastic shopper added, “Im convinced this will solve all my problems.” While it may not be a cure-all for the holiday blues, it is an easy way to fill your home with a delicious aroma that makes being curled up at home a little bit sweeter.

Growing up, gingerbread houses were always an inevitably messy arts-and-crafts project. After what felt like hours of work, my sister and I often stepped back from our confectionary “masterpiece” feeling like failed engineers as we watched the walls slide apart and the cookie roof collapse in on itself. (What is the deal with the integrity of store-bought icing?) Though our gingerbread houses may not have stood tall, we still had fun creating them – and eating them afterward, with the help of our family, of course. These gingerbread house incense burners may not be edible, but the scent they emit and the comforting feeling of watching the smoke curl out from the chimneys makes them worth keeping on display all season long.

Plus, Ajouter has four additional incense burner designs inspired by the holidays, including a cobblestone chimney and an entire village ready for Christmas. Between the pinecone, vanilla, and cinnamon-scented cones, there’s no reason not to keep your home smelling like the holidays this year.

If anyone needs me, I’ll be drinking up the sweet smell of cinnamon, cloves, ginger, and allspice while I enjoy a holiday movie marathon. In the meantime, shop the gingerbread house incense burner and the rest of Ajouter’s festive incense burners to keep your home feeling cozy all season long.