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Slug: Eye Candy

Hed: Arty Party


It was all eyes on Gucci Westman last Thursday – and on her namesake beauty brand as a whole – at the Mulberry bar, where she fêted her new launch and the makeup artist community in one fell swoop.

The veteran makeup artist and entrepreneur, as well as Westman Atelier cofounder and husband David Neville, hosted an intimate but lively bash to celebrate the launch of Westman Atelier’s latest mascara, Eye Want You, $45, which launched in September. Attendees didn’t include influencers or press – solely makeup artists —coming off of New York Fashion Week.

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“I really respect the work that goes into this industry,” Westman said of her makeup artist peers. “You often have to miss important engagements, and as you’re working, you’re afraid to miss an important job. It’s really nice to be able to celebrate them tonight.”

Attendees including Romy Soleimani, Hung Vanngo and Lisa Aharon, among others. Aharon said the new launch jibed well with the trends she’s seeing crop up on the market. “There’s a shift back into more natural-looking makeup,” the Wall Group-repped makeup artist said. “Whether that be the shades that are chosen or the amount that you’re wearing, it just seems like things are going back to a fresher face.”

The launch comes at a time of growth for Westman Atelier, which debuted skin care earlier this year. At that time, the brand was predicted to reach $100 million in retail sales in 2023, per industry sources. “It’s interesting to be an independent company amongst a sea of big, large, global brands,” Neville said. “We’re doing an incredible job competing and winning.”

That winning strategy, Westman said while holding a toast, starts with product quality and performance. “Performance has to be paramount. It’s much harder to do it the way we do it – being not only clean, but having active ingredients that are always at efficacy levels,” she said. “After almost three decades of being a makeup artist and being exposed to so many products, I wouldn’t compromise, and having you all here to give your stamp of approval is very special.”